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Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science

Key facts

  • Available at Auckland
  • Available at Manawatū
  • Available via Distance Learning
  • Equivalent to 4 years of full-time study or equivalent part-time

Take your study to the next level

With a Massey conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Sciences you can complete two different degrees simultaneously and enjoy the benefits of both.

What is it like?

Find out more about entry requirements, fees and courses in the planning section.

The Bachelor of Arts will make you a responsible, world-conscious citizen. You’ll apply your knowledge and transferable skills to real-life scenarios. Prepare to become a free and original thinker who will lead Aotearoa New Zealand into the future and help solve some of the world’s big problems.

With the Bachelor of Science you’ll learn the quantitative skills that employers are looking for across a wide range of industries and science-related organisations. You’ll gain a broad scientific education while also studying one or more specialist areas in depth.

Get two degrees – more quickly

Full-time students can complete the conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Sciences in four years, instead of the six years it would normally take for two separate degrees. Part-time students are allowed 10 years to complete.

Learn from the best

You’ll learn from some of the top science researchers and arts practitioners in the world, and get to use some of the best facilities in New Zealand.

Choice and flexibility

With loads of majors to choose from in both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, you’ll have many choices to create your ideal undergraduate qualification. With this choice and flexibility you can follow your interests and delve deeply into multiple subjects. You’ll also develop amazing time management skills!

Take on the challenge

With a Conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Sciences you’ll take on a rewarding but challenging four-year degree, studying for two degrees concurrently. You’ll have to work harder than your peers but you’ll walk away with double the benefits.

A good fit if you:

  • Want the flexibility to follow your passions
  • Enjoy thinking analytically and creatively
  • Want to challenge yourself
  • Have wide-ranging interests

Sarah de Bruin
Bachelor of Science (Plant Science), Bachelor of Arts (History)

“I’ve never looked back, I’m so glad I did the two degrees. I really enjoy both and it’s given me flexibility and variety…”

The Massey student recruitment advisors came to my school and I had a big talk with one about what I liked and what the options were. I was thinking about doing history courses as electives or as a minor and she was like ‘just do a double-degree. It will make you versatile and more employable and you can do more of the courses you love’.

Originally my major was biological science. Then I took a course about the biology of plants and I loved it, so I changed my major to Plant Science. The history part was a bit of a surprise.

The content between the majors certainly doesn't cross over, but the history side has really improved my writing and my research. My report skills are much better because of it.

It's quite cool because I’ve got small classes in plant science but also in history as they're even smaller. I've been in pretty much every building on campus because I cover such a broad subject area.

The history side is all research and essays and the plant science is about growing, laboratories, field trips.

I want to hopefully do pest and disease and biosecurity. In my head, what I want to do is to be the intermediary between government policy and the farmer. I am able understand something scientifically and then put it into words for everyday people.


Your conjoint bachelor’s degree will give you far greater opportunities than a single degree. Combining two degrees will enhance your employability and give you a competitive edge in the job market. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary for success in science, local and central government, horticulture, education, agriculture, psychology and many more areas.

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