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Bachelor of Applied Economics

Key facts

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Applied economic analysis at its best

Join a practical, relevant degree which is unique in New Zealand and has excellent career prospects.

What is it like?

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Applied economics is economics in action, on the ground. The intellectually exciting and socially-relevant Bachelor of Applied Economics (BApplEcon) from Massey University is a prestigious yet practical economics degree with excellent employment opportunities in New Zealand and internationally. It will prepare you for an exciting future. Our top graduates are now leaders in  industry, government agencies, and international corporations.

Prestigious, practical and in-demand

The BApplEcon is a prestigious and practical degree, focusing on economic analysis and policy-making in the New Zealand economy and globally. It will equip you with tools and skills immediately applicable and in hot demand across all sectors of the economy, be it banking, government, health care, environment, international trade, industry, or agriculture.

Learn the key tools of analysis

Through the Bachelor of Applied Economics you will become familiar with the most modern economic thinking and the key quantitative tools of analysis that are applied to a broad variety of economic and social issues. You’ll also gain an understanding of broader issues – such as study the impact of international factors and government economic policies.

Be challenged to grow

Communicating complicated concepts will be an important part of your role. You’ll learn communication techniques and self-directed and independent learning that will help you in your future career. You’ll be exposed to a range of issues and perspectives and learn how to identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas and provide reasoned alternatives for their resolution.

You will be challenged to grow and perform at a high level, and you'll be rewarded with a top-quality education and access to many of the best career opportunities in New Zealand and internationally.

The BApplEcon is based on a solid foundation of compulsory courses, but provides flexibility for you to choose courses yourself. You can specialise in a particular area or retain a general focus. You can also include a minor in accountancy, finance or valuation and property management.

International recognition

Massey University’s business and management studies and its economics and econometrics programmes are ranked in the top 250 in the world (by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds). We are also ranked in the top 150 universities worldwide for business administration, communication and finance programmes by the ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

Our economics faculty members publish their research in top international economic journals.


  • Accountancy
  • Finance
  • Valuation and Property Management

A good fit if you:

  • Want a degree that is practical, relevant, yet rigorous
  • Has excellent employment opportunities in finance, government, and industry
  • Are interested in economics of the big and small issues in a national and global context
  • Want to differentiate yourself with a unique degree in New Zealand
Jarrod Kerr
Bachelor of Applied Economics
Chief Economist, Kiwibank

“Massey’s applied economics degree gave me an excellent foundation and taught me most of the skills I would use throughout my career. When it comes to financial market analysis, rigorous degrees in the economics and mathematics are the most sought-after.”

I completed a degree in Applied Economics in 1999 and a Master of Business Finance in 2001.

Massey’s economics degree spawned some great analysts and traders. I’m still in touch with most of my classmates, and they went on to do great things. We all went into financial markets, some became traders at companies like Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and BAML, or fund managers at companies like AMP, Dymon, or researchers at JPMorgan, and Credit Suisse. The founder of one of New Zealand’s best fund managers, Pie funds, is also a Massey alumni. He was in my class. You get to study with future leaders at Massey University.

We don’t compete on a local stage. We have all competed on a global stage. We have all worked overseas in top banks, on highly competitive trading floors in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York.

Our peers are often from the best Ivy League type universities, such as Harvard, MIT and the London School of Economics. Massey doesn’t carry that name, but employers are always willing to give Kiwis a go because we work hard and we’ve learned in one of the most volatile and illiquid markets in the world - New Zealand. Our market is seen as one of the hardest to trade, our economy is seen as one of the more open, and our central bank is one of the world leaders - the first to target inflation. We’re innovators. We must foster the next generation of economically-minded innovators.

In my opinion we need to do more to encourage students, especially women, into Economics and Finance.


Applied economics will prepare you for a range of roles in the economic analysis and policy-making arena within New Zealand and globally. This is the most versatile analytical degree which can be equally at home in the government sector as well as in the high-paced world of international banking.

If you would like to graduate and step directly into the role of a professional economist, this is the degree to choose. This is also the best option for students planning to undertake postgraduate studies in economics.

Recent graduates of applied economics have found employment with several government ministries, including Treasury, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and major corporations, such as ANZ, Kiwibank, Air New Zealand, or Spark. Many of our graduates work overseas, at major corporates like Citibank, Deutsche Bank, etc. But the opportunities are truly vast across all sectors, given the demand for graduates with analytical data skills, ability to analyse economic environment, make forecasts, and weight costs and benefits. These are versatile skills, and as a graduate you won’t be tied to a single industry or a job.

Economists are highly sought after in the private and public sector, big and small firms, large international agencies, schools and universities and economic policy and social organisations. With a Bachelor of Applied Economics you can join the world of business in a variety of roles.

  • Economist at a financial institution
  • Analyst at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Trainee dealer
  • Energy sector analyst
  • Environmental economist
  • Financial policy advisor
  • Health care economist
  • International economist (at Ministry for Foreign Trade or at a number of export and international firms)
  • Macroeconomic forecaster
  • Policy analyst
  • Climate change impact assessment analyst

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