Wearing academic dress

First, put on the appropriate gown as in Figure 1.

fig 1.jpg

Figure 1

Next put on your Massey degree hood (figure 2) or diploma stole (figure 3). The rear view of the hood as shown in figure 2 is the most important. It should be anchored at above the level of your collarbone, resting high on the shoulders (not slipping down over your arms). The square tail of the hood lies next to your back, with the coloured lining concealed. the open cowl part should be turned inside out for a small part of its width to display some of the lining colour.

fig 2.jpg

Figure 2

The diploma stole is worn down the front part of your gown as in figure 3.

fig 3.jpg

Figure 3

Unless you have been previously capped, please do not wear your hat (Trencher or Bonnet) until your qualification has been awarded.

Trenchers (Figures 4 & 5) are worn with the deeper peak at the back; the board should be horizontal and the tassel may fall to either side.

fig 4.jpg fig 5.jpg

Figure 4 and Figure 5

If wearing a bonnet the tassel should fall to your left as in figure 6. If you are wearing a korowai, it should be worn over the gown and under the hood as shown in figure 6.

fig 6.jpg

Figure 6

For more details please see academic dress hire.

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